Lacrosse Techniques and Training Basic Videos

These are very short and basic videos to get you started

The single most valuable time you can spend away from organized practice is Wall Ball.
Hard passes R & L, Quick Sticks R & L,  One Handed R & L,   Throw/Catch/Switch R & L, Switch  Hands between Pass and Catch, Catch Backhand pull over and Pass R & L, Bounce Pass R & L, Behind the Back R & L, etc...

This is a good start, do not wrap thumb around the stick shaft.
We want to see the stick angled thru the palm so you can cradle more vertically, not horizontally, and closer to your head for protection so you are ready to pass and shoot at all times

Basic Ground Balls
I would like to emphasis two things after the scoop:
1. Pull the stick as quickly as possible to a protected position close to your head
2. Sprint to open space, no matter what direction, to give time to look and pass

Throwing & Catching
Practice catching and throwing on the run


Shooting Basics

Shooting on the run